2021 Harvest (2 Bottles)

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This is Luis and Maria's oil from their 4 hectare grove on the windy plains of Cadiz, Andalusia. Harvested mid-October 2021 and bottled on 04/07/2022 for maximum freshness.


Luis and his wife have been making Picual olive oil since they planted their trees in 1995, with a commitment to take maximum care of the environment. Their farm is organic, certified by the CAAE. They use the no-tillage farming technique, and their grove is dry - meaning no water irrigation systems are used.

This is small scale farming. This year was a good harvest, with Luis able to produce just shy of 3,000 litres of olive oil from his grove.

Ingredients: 100% organic olives. Nothing else.

Olive varietal: Picual

Producer: Luis Vázquez.

Origin: Cdiz, Spain.

Agriculture: Organic production certified by the CAAE with minimal intervention to encourage biodiversity and healthy soil. The no-tillage technique is used. No irrigation is used.

Harvest period: October 2021

Appearance: Dense oil of green colour

Aroma: Intensely fruity, with hints of green tomato and almond

Flavour: Fruity body with a slight bitter afternote and medium peppery finish

Serving suggestions: Use this as a 'finishing' oil. Perfect for dipping, dressing and drizzling over finished pasta, soup, risotto, meat, fish, veggie dishes...even ice cream or chocolate! See our recipes here.